Remember me (Love)

I’m sorry lady. I never ment to make you cry. I never ment to bring you down. I never ment to hurt you. I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you.

Pride of a man makes a man do dumb things. The heart of a man makes a man go crazy. I love you like I love no other. My dream has always been for you to be my babies mother. I’d never do you like he did you. I see you as a queen not as a common woman. I’d never lay a hand on you. Only to love you. I just felt pushed away. I miss how we used to lay. And play. Hold each other talk. Laugh about the old days. You never know what you have until you lose it. Now I’m just a fool in love realizing that I need your hugs to lift me up. Now I’m down out. You are unreplaceable. Your love is what I miss. Your gentle touch and your soft kiss. I wish you hadn’t have left me. Now all I’m asking is for you to remember me. I love you.


About matthmattix

love to write and make music
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